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Aim Higher. Earn Rewards.

The Higher Points Program is a community initiative to reward anyone participating in Higher. Over multiple seasons, community members will earn points by doing Higher-related activities, which can then be redeemed into products and experiences.

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How does it work?

The goal of the Higher Loyalty Program is to recognize and reward contributors to the Higher community. Community members are finding new ways to contribute to Higher's brand and growth everyday - from holding and supplying $HIGHER to creating and collecting onchain media and much more. As the culture around Higher expands, so will the program and ways to earn points, ensuring that points balances reflect the reality of contributions to the community overall!

We are starting simple - anyone can earn points for holding the $HIGHER token and providing liquidity to the Uniswap pool. Other activities - such as creating and collecting onchain media in $HIGHER, attending events, and much more - will be added to the program soon.


Add Liquidity

Earn a majority of the points by providing liquidity to the HIGHER / ETH Uniswap pool


Just hold your tokens

Earn points simply for holding †HIGHER. Get a 500% boost if your wallet is connected to a Farcaster account!

If you attempt to manipulate the system to accumulate points, you will be disqualified from earning them.

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